FantasyLabs Editor-in-Chief Matthew Freedman is joined by Jonathan BalesAdam Levitan, and Peter Jennings (CSURAM88) for the final show of the season.

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Topics discussed include the randomness of the bowl game slate, the must-play-ness of Tyreek Hill, the productivity of Pro-Bowl tight ends, the hidden upside of stacking and late-swapping the Pro Bowl, and the ‘Patriots narrative.’

Also, Bales, Adam, and Pete talk about the ‘Old Man Junior Varsity Olympics,’ Levitanimal displays an alarming lack of boldness, and Freedman’s lack of volume is noted.

2016-17 Skill Game Proposition Performance

Levitanimal: 119-115
CSURAM88: 147-153
The Oracle: 95-77
The Guests: 113-129

The Tools (Besides the Guys)

Be sure to check out our suite of Tools, containing the Player Models that Bales, Levitan, and CSURAM88 use for research each week.