DraftKings is now offering DFS action on CounterStrike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)!

CS:GO uses DraftKings’ Showdown format, which includes five “flex” players and one “captain”, who receives a 1.5x multiplier on his fantasy output. Points are primarily earned via kills and assists, while each death comes with a one-point penalty.

DraftKings also uses a “game length adjustment”, which normalizes all games to a total of 90 rounds. For instance, if a match is won two sets to zero, a full 30-round “adjustment” is awarded to each player in the match to compensate for the third set which was not necessary.

Game length adjustment (GLA) is factored into my projections below, as all players are adjusted based on the assumption of full three-set matches.

CS:GO Notes for Thursday, Apr. 9

Thursday’s slate features a six-game slate, including six of the same teams that have appeared on the past three slates: OG, FaZe Clan, fnatic, Natus Vincere, mousesports, and Astralis.

  • Taking a quick look at price movement, JW saw the largest price decrease between Wednesday and Thursday, falling from $6,200 to $5,000, while several players saw their salaries discounted by $600 including broky, electronic, woxic, BoombI4, and flusha.
  • DraftKings remains hesitant to raise s1mple’s price tag above $9,200, a salary he’s now been listed at three days in a row. S1mple’s Wednesday ownership in DraftKings’ main $10 GPP did come down to 64.3% Flex/17.8% Captain from 73.6% Flex/26.6% Captain on Tuesday, but his strong performance on Wednesday makes him a candidate to pace the way in ownership on Thursday once again.
  • If s1mple does not wind up as the most-owned player on Thursday’s slate, that honor will likely go to NiKo. Although s1mple led NaVi to the head-to-head victory over NiKo’s squad on Wednesday, NiKo had the better fantasy day by way of his 86 kills. NiKo was only 22.3% owned on Wednesday, but that number is sure to go up on Thursday following his 114.9-point outing.
  • If you’re looking for a low-owned play with upside, take a look at dapr of FunPlus Phoenix. Dapr will undoubtedly be low-owned on Thursday with FPX currently listed as +300 dogs to MAD Lions, but his 24.3% share of team kills ranks second on the slate behind only s1mple. Dapr is certainly a risky play, but one that could pay off if FPX can keep things competitive.