Wednesday’s slate brings an earlier lock than we’ve become accustomed to with a 9:00am ET start as several CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) teams join the fold. My projections have two of the world’s best — s1mple and ZywOo — lapping the field in terms of projected points, but they are priced accordingly. It will be difficult, but not impossible, to get both into your lineup, but more likely, you will need to choose between the two.

CS:GO DFS Notes for Wednesday, May 6


  • S1mple’s 25.5% kill share is No. 1 on the slate by a healthy margin, and with Natus Vincere listed as a -670 favorite over pro100, his median projection nearly breaks the slate. While locking s1mple into the captain spot seems like a no-brainer, his $15,600 captain salary leaves you with only $6,880/per player over the remaining five roster spots when going that route. Pairing him with teammate flamie — who costs $5,400 — helps soften the blow, though there is plenty of downside given flamie’s unappealing 18.2% kill share.
  • The top two values on the slate come from the Hard Legion/Espada matchup with svyat and S0tF1k, who cost $5,000 and $4,800 respectively. With that matchup currently listed as a pick’em, you could roster both players and hope for a long, drawn out game flow that allows both players to reach value. Doing so would make it feasible to roster both s1mple and ZywOo in the same lineup, but the downside should be obvious.
  • Electronic is another value option to consider at $7,400, despite coming off two subpar outings. His poor recent performance is very much priced in though, as the Russian gamer’s salary is down $2,200, from $9,600 over that same span. Electronic is the only member of Natus Vincere other than s1mple with a kill share north of 20%, and he seems poised for a bounce-back performance while operating as a heavy favorite.


  • On DraftKings, the gap between s1mple and the next most expensive player is $600, but on FanDuel, that margin is only $100. As a result, s1mple accounts for not only the top raw projection, but also the No.1 value score on the site.
  • sticks out as a stack target due to its combination of favorable win odds and reasonable player salaries. Listed -345 against Syman Gaming, has only one player priced above $10,000: Jame, who costs $10,200. Qikert, Jame, and buster all sport kill shares north of 21%, making this trio very appealing at a combined salary of only $29,500.