While the NBA has been on hiatus over the past four-plus months, we’ve been hard at work at FantasyLabs, improving our Multi-Lineups Tool by adding a handful of new features that we’re confident will improve your lineup building experience.

Specifically, we have added the following abilities to our Multi-Lineups Tool:

  • Quickly increase/decrease player exposure targets using our Like Rating feature.
  • Set a Maximum Projected Ownership value per lineup.
  • Control the amount of variance you are adding to tournament lineups on a global- or position-level.
  • Player correlation and team stacking rules: increase/decrease the likelihood of certain players appearing in lineups together based on a number of criteria.
  • The ability to create custom rules based on point projection thresholds, projected ownership and FantasyLabs metrics like Bargain Rating and Leverage Percentage.

[View our NBA Models and Multi-Lineups Tool here.]

Check out the below video which highlights each of the new features in detail!