February 22, 2017: The Daily Fantasy Sports Roundtable, a FantasyLabs production: Short slates — they’re not for everyone.

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Host: Matthew Freedman – Editor-in-Chief of FantasyLabs


Chris Raybon – Senior DFS Editor for 4for and Host of the DFS MVP Podcast

Mike Petta (Hoop2410) – Full-Time DFS Player, RotoGrinders Contributor, and a Cohost of GrindersLive

Peter Jennings (CSURAM88) – FantasyLabs Co-founder, DraftKings Analyst, and Two-Time DFS World Champion

Short Slate Strategy

Freedman is joined by Raybon, Hoop, and CSURAM88, who discuss strategies for (and the degeneracy of) short slates.

Questions addressed on the show include the following:

  • Are short slates necessary?
  • Which sports are best for short slates?
  • How should novices approach short slates?
  • Should roster construction strategies for cash games differ based on slate size?
  • What are the roles of stacking and contrarianism in short slate guaranteed prize pools?


Theme Music: Matthew Schildt

Introduction: Eden Wales Freedman

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The Daily Fantasy Sports Roundtable is a FantasyLabs production hosted by Matthew Freedman. On the show, guests discuss a variety of DFS topics, including strategy, game theory, and lineup construction.

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