In the video below, I break down our new DFS Ownership Dashboard at FantasyLabs. I’m really excited about this tool (check out NBA, PGA, and NHL), which will allow you to analyze ownership percentages across various contests, grade GPP plays, compare ownership to your own player exposure, and a lot more. Here’s why it’s the nuts.


Why It’s Awesome and How to Use it

I think there are three primary uses for the DFS Ownership Dashboard right now.

Analyze Ownership (Free)

First, you can view ownership levels for every player in every main slate for every sport within minutes of games beginning. Easily sort through different contests to see player ownership in one location. Search for players, analyze ownership at various stakes, and look at past slates to identify tournament trends.

Grade Plays (Free/Pro)

Second, you can quickly identify the largest differences between low and high-stakes action, which can be used to help grade plays. If a player is much higher-owned at high-stakes than low, there’s a good chance he’s a high-value option given the sharper competition at higher buy-ins. We can use that difference to grade each play (free), and you can compare those grades to your actual lineups and player exposure (Pro).

This is a really underrated way to analyze your play and quickly adapt. In-game performance is volatile and one good game doesn’t mean a play was a smart one. Ownership differences are perhaps the easiest and most accurate way for you to assess your lineups and adjust.

Sweat Games (Pro)

Finally, because we’re uploading the ownership numbers right after each game begins, you can compare your exposure to that of the field to see which players are most important for you. Our ‘My Leverage’ metric ranks players in terms of how high-leverage they are for you, i.e. how your exposure compares to their tournament ownership. For example, a player in 20% of your lineups but 5% for the field is much more important than one in 40% of your lineups and 38% for the field. Use this tool to instantly find out which players are the most pivotal to your lineups to improve your enjoyment of sweating contests.



  • DraftKings ownership across four buy-in levels
  • Volatility metric to identify the largest ownership discrepancies across stakes
  • GPP Grade metric, which grades how ‘sharp’ a play is given ownership across stakes
  • Ability to see actual points scored in past slates
  • Syncs to My Lineups for Pro users (see your exposure, analyze picks, and identify the most high-leverage plays)
  • Search functionality
  • Updates within minutes after each game begins
  • All sports

If you want to compare your lineups to the field, properly analyze your selections, and instantly identify the high-leverage players who mean the most to your lineups right after contests start, upgrade to Pro today.