February 9, 2016: Episode No. 1 of The Daily Fantasy Sports Roundtable, a FantasyLabs Production: The NFL season has ended, and the NBA is now king.

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Matt is joined by Chris, Jay, and John, who discuss the DFS transition from the gridiron to the hardwood. Topics include the importance of minutes and models in NBA DFS, the evaluation of guards, forwards, centers, and combo players, bankroll management, and the construction of cash game and tournament lineups.

Host: Matthew Freedman (@MattFtheOracle)


Chris Raybon (@ChrisRaybon): The Senior DFS Editor at 4for4.com and the host of the DFS MVP Podcast

Jay Perrson (@doppelsykes): Writer for FantasyLabs and a regular cohost of the FantasyLabs Podcast

John Daigle (@notJDaigle): Writer for FantasyLabs and the host of An Unbiased Podcast


Theme Music: Matthew Schildt

Introduction: Eden Wales Freedman

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The Daily Fantasy Sports Roundtable is a FantasyLabs production hosted by Matthew Freedman. Each show, guests discuss a variety of DFS topics, including strategy, game theory, and lineup construction.

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