If you’re an NFL DFS player, preseason slates are like Christmas in August. But dominating in the preseason is about more than knowing the names of a couple of rookies or second- and third-stringers. In fact, it’s a whole different beast entirely, and if you’re playing it like you would a regular-season slate, you’re doing it all wrong.

I have compiled data from the last three preseasons to reveal which types of players to target and avoid, and I also threw in more general but critical strategy and research tips to create this comprehensive guide to crushing it preseason DFS. Enjoy!

Fade starters/weekly regulars outside of Week 3

An NFL team’s 90-man roster is littered with players the average DFS player has probably never heard of. As such, they oftentimes resort to rostering a bunch of first-stringers who they are more familiar with, despite the fact that starters (and players such as third-down backs, No. 3 wide receivers, etc. that are expected to have an every-week role during the regular season)  rarely project to play even half of the snaps outside of Week 3, which is considered by most coaches as the “regular season dress rehearsal.”

Here’s how playing time breaks down.