One of the most important additions we’ve made to the Pro version of our NFL product has been ownership projections. I’m excited to announce we now have the same for NBA.

Starting tonight, you’ll be able to find ownership projections for every player on FanDuel. As with NFL, these projections will be for the major mid-stakes tournament on each site (typically the Crossover and Slam). The ownership projections update in real-time with new information – changes in a player’s role, a shift in the Vegas lines, and so on.

We will add DraftKings ownership projections a few weeks into the season as we collect more data. Their rule change to allow for multi-position eligibility will surely affect tournament ownership, so we’ll be analyzing that for a bit before adding ownership projections for DraftKings.

The base model for the ownership projections was created by Colin Davy, who I’m confident is the smartest human being to ever walk the face off the planet. He’s won the Hackathon competition at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference the past two years – the only two years it has existed – and is so much smarter than I am it makes me visibly angry.

You can listen to Colin, Justin Phan, and Bryan Mears talk about the ownership projections in our intro podcast.

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I also did a quick video to show you where Pro users can find the ownership projections on FantasyLabs.