Adam Levitan, Peter Jennings, and Jonathan Bales discuss NFL betting for Week 14. Bales recounts his experience at King of the Beach and boasts about his Boca glow. Our experts discuss a bet involving being locked in a bathroom for 30 days, reprising said debate during Lodden Thinks. They also discuss terms for a DEXA Scan fitness bet, debate the upside in playing GPPs, and make their NFL bets for Week 14. They close the show with two full rounds of Lodden Thinks.

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King of the Beach (1:35)
Locked in a Bathroom for 30 Days? (5:19)
DEXA Scan Fitness Bet (10:26)
To GPP or not to GPP? (15:03)
NFL Picks (21:41)
Lodden Thinks (29:51)