Everyone’s been handling life without live sports differently. Many of you are (understandably) using it to read more or binge-watch new shows, but my focus has been elsewhere — on the Call of Duty League.

And more specifically, on building and refining my Call of Duty projections.

I didn’t just do this on a whim: I was a decent Call of Duty player back when Black Ops 2 was around (not so much anymore). So I do have a pretty good understanding of evaluating what to look for in teams/players that would not only make them successful but also how to assess the data in context.

DraftKings’ Call of Duty League contest for Saturday’s 4-game slate locks at 1 p.m. ET and features $40,000 in prizes, while FanDuel is running a $10,000 contest.

Use my projections to help set your lineups on Saturday and enjoy the sweat!

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images