Even the chalkiest of GPP players would agree that ownership matters in tournaments. Some players think it’s a small piece of the puzzle, while others believe it’s maybe the most important component of being a profitable tournament player.

As a contrarian GPP player, I’m obviously a member of Team Ownership. I’ve explained why many times in the past and won’t get into it here, but the value of exploiting inefficiencies in public psychology – which players the public uses and at what rates – extends only insofar as we can actually predict what the crowd will do.

To figure out how accurate we’ve been at doing that this year, I used our free Trends tool to analyze how our projected ownership has matched up with actual ownership for all positions on both DraftKings and FanDuel this season.

Watch the video below to see data showing our ownership projection accuracy – which has been on point – as well as some evidence that predicting ownership is easier than forecasting on-field performance.


Here are the results by position: