Pricing OWS


Access premium lineup optimizer tools, available exclusively to One Week Season members.




  • Optimize up to 150 lineups at once
  • Access to player NFL projections from both One Week Season and FantasyLabs
  • Use groups and rules to maximize correlation
  • Control targeted player exposures and control total projected ownership in lineups
  • Export lineups easily to DraftKings + FanDuel





  • Access for every sport (NFL, NBA, MLB, Golf, NHL + More)
  • OWS and FantasyLabs player projections preloaded
  • Optimize up to 150 lineups in each sport
  • Player projections for every sport, including OWS NFL
  • Custom stacking and correlation rules
  • Access to create and explore data trends
  • Recommended player props

Whether you focus primarily on smaller field tournaments or mass multi-entry, our Lineup Builder and Optimizer tools make it easier than ever to efficiently create optimal lineups. Both tools are included in these exclusive packages.


best for multi-entry
  • Quickly generate up to 150 optimized lineups based on your settings.
  • Create highly correlated lineups by pairing together players who positively correlate while avoiding negative correlation.
  • Use player groups to control your exposure levels to groups of specific players.
  • Conditionally increase or decrease player projections based on a number of criteria.
  • Create advanced team stacking rules.
  • Set ownership limits to ensure your tournament lineups do not become too chalky.
  • Export saved lineups to DraftKings or FanDuel.


best for single entry
  • Leverage One Week Season’s projections to help you find your optimal lineup.
  • Lock in the players you’d like to target and let our Lineup Builder do the rest.