Fantasy Sports Podcasts

The Action Network NFL Podcast

The Action Network NFL Podcasts will talk all things fantasy, gambling and NFL, all year.

The Action Network Golf Podcast

The Action Network Golf Podcast will discuss all things golf, all year long. If you can gamble on it, we’re talking about it.

The Action Network Colleges Podcast

Stuckey and Collin preview the upcoming college football card from a betting perspective with some NFL and other degenerate things sprinkled in. Pour a drink and come get in on the action.

Spread The Floor

Matt Moore takes you around the NBA with news and analysis on the game, the lines, daily fantasy and more as part of The Action Network family of podcasts.

The Three Donkeys

The Three Donkeys—featuring Peter Jennings, Adam Levitan, and Jonathan Bales—is a podcast for gamblers. Follow along as the trio talks sports, food, fitness, and life—betting real cash every step of the way—while competing to win gold in their own (very prestigious) Gambling Olympics.

The Buffet With Chad and Scooch

Chad Millman and his bookmaker buddy Scooch talk about the world of sports betting, from who the wiseguys like in every game to the old school codes of Vegas.

Embrace The Sweat

A sports gambling podcast featuring Geoff Schwartz, a former NFL lineman and Paul Lo Duca, former MLB catcher.

Live From The Strip!

Live From The Strip! is hosted by The Action Network’s BlackJack Fletcher and highlights the culture of Las Vegas. BlackJack talks with the people that give Las Vegas its color and character.