Today, we are excited to announce that Fantasy Labs has brought on Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, as an investor and strategic partner.

When we launched Fantasy Labs, the goal was to become the industry leader in providing daily fantasy sports players with the data, tools, and analytics necessary to compete at a high level in DFS. We feel like we’ve been able to prove that concept, supplying a truly unique and profitable way of approaching daily fantasy sports.

Now, we want to take our game to the next level. With Mark’s help, we feel like we’re going to be able to significantly enhance the quality and range of products we offer.

Why Mark Cuban?

When Fantasy Labs launched, we attracted a significant amount of interest from outside investors, but we were never actively looking to take them on. When the opportunity to work with Mark Cuban presented itself, though, the choice was a no-brainer.

We identified Mark as the “dream investor” from the start, for obvious reasons—his track record of helping entrepreneurs and his heavily involvement in sports—as well as his data-driven nature and connections in the world of sports analytics. Mark’s resources within the blossoming eSports industry were also extremely attractive to us.

Bringing on Mark is a strategic move that we couldn’t pass up.

What Will Change?

Let’s first start with what will not change: our commitment to quality. We’ve taken a relatively methodical pace over our first six months as a company to make sure we get it right. That commitment to providing the most premium, high-end data and tools is something we will never compromise.

Moving forward, we have a number of significant enhancements on the horizon, including new data, tools, and sports (including PGA and eSports). We’ve listened to your feedback and plan to do everything we can to implement unique upgrades to our site.

This is a milestone day for Fantasy Labs, and an exciting one for all of our current and future customers as we make the best product in daily fantasy sports analytics even better.


–  The Fantasy Labs Team