Player Models

Daily Fantasy Sports Models

Player Models are fully customizable, allowing you to create your own model based on factors you think are important. You set the weighting in your model using a variety of statistics and the models adjust your player ratings accordingly.

Same Models Used by the Pros

Select from a variety of Pro Models, including Jonathan Bales’ and Peter Jennings’ (CSURAM88) own models, a Cash Model, a Tournament Model, and more. They can be copied, saved, and adjusted to fit your preferences.



Ratings Based on Your Choices

Customize your Player Model using weighted sliders. Out of 100 points, allocate how much you want your model to weigh a variety of variables and statistics. Available sliders depend on the sport, but include Vegas Score, Bargain Rating, Upside, Consistency, Plus/Minus, Ceiling, Floor, and many sport-specific stats.


Use to Build Your Lineups

The Lineup Optimizer in the Player Models tool is designed to optimize a lineup based on the ratings of your personal model. You can lock in any player or multiple players you want to be in your optimized lineup and generate a lineup around them. You can also exclude any player or team. Save any of your optimized lineups. They will go to the “My Lineups” page, where you can view them later, as well as export to FanDuel or DraftKings contests.



A Complete Platform

The Player Models tool updates in real time. As breaking news comes in, you will be alerted immediately. When there’s a change in data, such as Vegas line movement, your Player Models will automatically adjust according to the new information. Also, any trend you create and save in the Trends tool will show up in “My Trends” in your Player Models. Quickly identify current matches for your valuable DFS trends. Leverage your ratings to generate lineups based on the player ratings of your Player Model. Set exposure – the percentage of lineups a player is in – in a column in your Player Models and generate up to 500 lineups based on your settings and player ratings.


Ready to build smarter lineups?