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FantasyLabs daily fantasy sports tools allow you to leverage our massive database of stats and information to create your own models, design specific player trends, and build winning DFS lineups. See why the best players in the world use FantasyLabs to help make lineup decisions.

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The most powerful daily fantasy sports tool hands down. I’m constantly finding new fantasy trends to take advantage of.
Peter Jennings, aka CSURAM88 $1 million Winner
Peter Jennings
FantasyLabs lets me quickly analyze data. What once took me hours now takes me seconds.
Jonathan Bales DraftKings Analyst
Peter Jennings
Player Models

Player Models

  • Create your own daily fantasy sports player models and ratings with factors that are important to you
  • Utilize filters such as Vegas lines, upside probability, performance consistency, salary changes, and many more
  • Immediately backtest the historic success of each model you create
  • Access DFS pro models, including those from CSURAM88
  • Perform research on every imaginable stat using our massive database
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Lineup Optimizer

  • Automatically generate the optimal lineup based on your particular player projection models
  • Works for both DraftKings and FanDuel
  • Customize the lineup with various filters and stats
  • Lock in and exclude players as you see fit
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  • Perform endless research on how specific variables affect daily fantasy sports performance
  • See what factors are actually priced into player salaries on DraftKings and FanDuel and which can be exploited to gain an edge
  • Track the historic value of hundreds of factors that affect DFS production
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Premium Content

Expert Analysis

  • Premium original content that utilizes FantasyLabs tools to provide in-depth analysis
  • Insights from the best players in daily fantasy sports
  • Learn advanced strategies and techniques to help improve your DFS skillset
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