The Three Donkeys Podcast

The Three Donkeys—featuring Peter Jennings, Adam Levitan, and Jonathan Bales—is a podcast for gamblers. Follow along as the trio talks sports, food, fitness, and life—betting real cash every step of the way—while competing to win gold in their own (very prestigious) Gambling Olympics.

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Meet the


Jonathan Bales


Jonathan Bales is the author of the Fantasy Sports for Smart People book series. He’s been featured in the New York Times, Business Insider, Forbes, SUCCESS Magazine, Freakonomics, and numerous other publications.

Peter Jennings


Peter Jennings (aka CSURAM88) is an ESPN Fantasy DFS contributor, DraftKings analyst and a two-time world champion. He cashed in on the first six-figure prize in 2012 when he won the FFFC for $150k, as well as $1 million in the first DraftKings live event in the Bahamas. Peter has qualified for live finals in every major DFS sport.

Adam Levitan


Adam spent six seasons covering football for Rotoworld, and is a DraftKings analyst. He won the 2000 ESPN Fantasy Football Championship. Adam has won two awards for Best Series from the Fantasy Sports Writers Association (2009 and 2011).