Daily Fantasy Basketball Tools

Ready to take your daily fantasy basketball game to the next level? Create your own custom ratings model, perform the most detailed statistical research in just minutes, and build winnings lineups optimized directly from filters that you control. FantasyLabs puts the tools of the top DFS pros in your hands.

Daily Fantasy Basketball Models

The NBA Player Models are fully customizable, allowing you to create your own model based on stats and factors you think are important. Set the weighting in your model from a variety of statistics – projected minutes, usage, Opponent Plus/Minus, ceiling, floor, and many more. Player projections from Director of NBA Justin Phan are constantly updated throughout every day. If a player is scratched or a lineup changes, our NBA team will provide the fastest news, quickest projection updates, and best analysis.



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The Most Complete NBA Data Research

The NBA Trends tool allows you to query daily fantasy NBA situations to see whether specific parameters have historically led to fantasy value. All users have the ability to create trends and see their historical Plus/Minus value and overall consistency. FantasyLabs Pro Subscribers also have the ability to see the current matches of any trend for that day’s DFS slate. Co-founders Jonathan Bales and Peter Jennings (CSURAM88) have created many NBA DFS Pro Trends. These are valuable trends we have identified for you that have historically led to DFS value.


Daily Fantasy Basketball Lineup Builder

The Lineup Builder in the NBA Player Models allows you to generate multiple lineups at once, save them to the “My Lineups” page, track player exposure – the percentage of lineups a specific player is in – and export to FanDuel and DraftKings contests. There are a variety of filters – Projected Plus/Minus, Opponent Plus/Minus, projected usage rate, Vegas Score, and many more – you can apply before generating lineups to limit your player pool and better optimize your lineups. You can create and save templates with different filters. For example, set filters for a cash-game lineup approach and save that as a unique template to use in the future.



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